It is my great joy, when my clients succeed in making changes which benefit their health, it is also one of my most important motivator to continue my work.


Private Consultations

Your well being is my passion

I hold regular clinics in Helsinki. I can also offer consultation sessions via the internet.

Before the first consultation I ask my client to answer an in-depth questionnaire and keep a food diary for two weeks. This allows me to gain an understanding of the underlying causality behind problems. I may request other information, like the results of your latest blood tests and other tests, if necessary to gain further understanding.

Company Consultations

No organization can afford an unhealthy workforce

Providing training in healthy lifestyle and nutritional information to a company’s workforce and leaders is increasingly sought after by organisations seeking to limit health care insurance costs and employee sick days related to, or occurring from general health problems. Clients engage my services to educate their staff on nutritional best practice in order to avoid dietary related ailments. The length and subject of these training courses are individually tailored to fit the client’s demands.

Health Related Writing

Written text can have impact, if it appeals to its readers at all levels

In addition to my published books, over the years I have had numerous articles featured in health and nutrition related publications, as well as general publications and internet sites. Tailoring my style to suit different situations, I am adept at writing articles and papers to suit my client’s needs. These can be written on a given theme or I can suggest a subject matter to focus on.

Public Lectures

Make educated choices for your health

As people are more and more interested in their health, different public occasions represent excellent forums to give information on the latest research and health news to a larger audience. Throughout my years as a specialist in this field I have conducted many public lectures at health and nutrition related seminars and events.

Co-operation with Health Businesses

Together, we are stronger

My service includes; providing lectures, writing text and providing consultation according to the needs of my clients. These services do not have to be exclusive to current practices and can often help augment your working strategy for a healthier you.