It is my great joy, when my clients succeed in making changes which benefit their health, it is also one of my most important motivator to continue my work.

It’s never too late to change for the better…

A natural and varied diet, combined with a healthy lifestyle are the best investments one can make in their life 

After a successful commercial career in the fashion industry I decided to dedicate my professional life to what I view as the most important subject matter; human well-being specially related to health and nutrition.

When combining my education, practical experience and ongoing development, I have nearly 20 years of knowledge practicing in this sector. What I have learnt in that time is that relatively simple dietary and lifestyle changes will lessen or even eliminate many existing health problems. If focussed on early enough, these easy to make changes can even prevent health problems ever occurring in the first place.

I take time to investigate and research the reasons and causes behind individual issues. Once I have gained a full understanding, my goal is to equip clients with enough knowledge that enables them to understand the causality of their complaints while also motivating them to obtain the healthy diet and lifestyle needed to overcome them.