Sinikka Pakeman
It is my great joy, when my clients succeed in making changes which benefit their health, it is also one of my most important motivator to continue my work.

My methods

‘’Every person is precious. You deserve to give yourself access to the best nutritional information available’’

My methods, lectures and writing are based on good science, ongoing education and vast experience gained by working with patients in different countries.
In order to give my clients an in-depth overview to suit their needs, I combine three main methodologies:


  • Based on good science
  • Looks at the ‘’whole person’’
  • Seeks to remove causes rather than just eliminating symptoms
  • Believes in prevention rather than cure
  • Supports the impact of natural nutrition on health
  • Supports the benefit of regular exercise on health
  • Patient care is tailored to suit individual needs


  • Holistic approach: body, mind, soul
  • Both conventional and holistic medicines working together
  • Care is patient centred, not medicine centred


  • Focuses on mainly locally sourced, seasonal produce
  • Fresh, unprocessed raw-materials
  • Organic whenever possible
  • Homemade meals instead of ready-made
  • Meals free from additives and processed ingredients
  • Focuses on a balanced, varied diet, without fad-diets
  • Foods produced in harmony with nature